More information about murals and banners.

Everyone carefully adds their design to the main felt.
Would your community benefit from creating a large piece of original high quality art as a focal point for everyone to enjoy?

Do you have a wall or space that needs energising, invigorating or brightening up?

Would you like to create a piece of art to celebrate a special anniversary or to bring people together through a joint venture?

Do you simply want to celebrate your creativity and potential, have fun together or nurture self esteem?

Would you like to learn a new skill that can be passed on to others?

The possibilities for your project are endless and anything's possible.
Absolute involvement -

Have a look at the gallery section to see examples from various projects I've facilitated to get ideas for what you might like.

Felted banners can be up to c. 200 cms square and are only suitable for inside spaces. Painted murals and banners can be any size; created on existing walls, canvas or hardwood panels for inside or outside spaces.

Last few finishing touches -
Where should this piece go?
Once upon a time...
Adding the details.